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Classes, retreats and workshops where women can nourish their soul with the ancient art of Hatha Yoga.

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Welcome to She Energy Yoga - Bayside Yoga Studio

Hatha meaning sun and moon, yoga the union, the balance of feminine and masculine aspects within us.

The Ancient practices of Hatha Yoga guide us to access wisdom that can be realized as daily awakenings It is a balanced approach for the body, mind and spiritual essence. Every class is an opportunity to heal tension, anxiousness, insomnia and many more disturbances.

My yoga teachings are about allowing the self to recover from experiences that may have tainted your wellbeing. I encourage this through the practice of breath awareness, movement and deep relaxation. This gently allows healing to occur naturally through the body’s internal wisdom.  Whilst it is important to gain such wisdom from peaceful moments we cannot ignore the benefits of….


She Energi’s vision is to provide opportunities to come together, share ideas, experiences and our love of humanity to grow in the practice of yoga, deep relaxation and quiet meditation.


Class times:

Tuesday morning 9.30am

Thursdays 9.30am, 6pm and 7.30pm

Mini retreat workshops

Experience how Yoga naturally unfolds your messages from within.

Rest My Friend, Now Is The Moment,
Let The Wave Of Breath Come To You,
Moving, Nourishing Inside Your Being,
Quiet now, soundless space,
Awareness is Expressing In Tongues Of Silence.
Drifting In Timeless Space
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"Beyond Sound, there is Silence,
 Beyond Silence the Heart Speaks"